Clever services

Benefits for your company

  • segmentation
  • process automation
  • getting to know the client
  • intelligent content distribution
  • deep analysis of their data
  • greater customer loyalty

CleverMonitor delivers electronic messages directly into your clients' mailboxes.


Less non-relevant commercial mail, more free time


Clever client

  • Segments clients according to their needs, origin and interests.
  • Sends offers only to relevant clients saves costs increases the level of open-rate/CTR higher conversion rate.
  • An average open-rate is 27.97%, CTR 3.94%.
  • Uses responsive templates, because it knows that 57% of clients primarily read emails on a mobile device.
  • Addresses client data purity and has a provider (us) who actively communicates with recipient servers for fast data distribution in tens of minutes.
  • Uses automated tasks for usual activities saves its time and money/people.
  • Plans campaigns.
  • An average cost of messaging one client is USD 0.0048 incl. VAT.

Be clever too


Sometimes less is more - we can safely identify full mailboxes or non-existent addresses

This will save your money and make your communication more effective


We don't know the word SPAM - none of the e-mails we send end up in the spam folder!

We guarantee this! All you need to do is to follow the rules


A great product for little money - we are 15% cheaper than our competition

Moreover, we will adjust the financing to fit your needs

About Us

We are a young team from the Czech Republic, but we believe CLEVER MONITOR transcends our country's borders considerably. We provide our clients with much more than just another tool to send bulk e-mail. CLEVER MONITOR is about a clever solution of how to make direct marketing more efficient and optimized. How? The simple, but feature-rich editor allows you to build a modern and efficient newsletter, with which you can address anybody you need to talk to. Then you analyze each campaign in a sophisticated analytical module and then optimize these campaigns to the greatest possible extent. We have data centers scattered around the world, so your clever message will quickly reach its destination, and we guarantee it will not be treated as junk mail.

Many top world brands have already become Clever clients, and so have various government institutions and associations. Being clever requires consistent work by our team, so we are constantly working on improving CLEVER MONITOR so it would meet the requirements of all clever clients. We also keep working on improving our analytical, which ranks among the top already, and it helps to optimize the impact and outreach of the communications. But using CLEVER MONITOR not only helps you improve your company's presentation. Its efficiency and the associated reduction of direct marketing costs are just as important. CLEVER MONITOR is an efficient, modern, and most importantly clever solution. Be Clever too!

Client DataCenter

300 000 000

More than 1.3 billion e-mails every month are delivered using our tools

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