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Monitor AI

Monitor AI

Hello, I am Monitor AI™, part of Clever Monitor. I am the most curious Artificial intelligence you’d know. Keen to get to know each and every client of yours. Striving to create email that matters to your customers and increases your business conversions.

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Spam. Spam. Spam. We hate spam! That’s why we guarantee no message will end up in a spam filter.

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No geeks needed (sorry, geeks!). Create email campaigns with our simplistic yet powerful drag & drop editor. Or import your own HTML code (OK, geeks time now).

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We don‘t send emails,
we deliver them.
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Size doesn’t matter.
Our solution is also suitable for small clients.
It is for everyone!
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About us

We are a young & passionate team who simply believe in the power of clever e-mail communication. That’s why we have been working hard in past 3 years to develop The Monitor AI, artificial intelligence that gets to know every customer of yours before we send him an e-mail. Based on the ever-changing profile of your customers we create super-personalised e-mail messages with high conversion ratio.

Many top world brands have already become Clever clients, and so have various government institutions and associations. Being clever requires consistent work by our team, so we are constantly working on improving CLEVER MONITOR so it would meet the requirements of all clever clients. We also keep working on improving our analytical, which ranks among the top already, and it helps to optimise the impact and outreach of the communications.

But using CLEVER MONITOR not only helps you improve your company's presentation. Its efficiency and the associated reduction of direct marketing costs are just as important. CLEVER MONITOR is an efficient, modern, and most importantly clever solution. Be Clever too!

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